Current Products


Pastured Pork halves and wholes for you to reserve. Our Hogs go into the Vernon Center Market on May 16th, and are $3.25/lb hanging weight.


Duck Eggs for $8/dozen.


Pastured Beef will join the menu this fall, pricing is not yet available.


Read below for information on our animals and how we raise them.

Call if interested. 507-525-8428

Soon to come, interactive farm shopping!

Pastured Pork


Our Heritage Pigs are mixed from three main heritage breeds to produce one heck of a combo! The main breed in this blend is the Mangalitsa. Large Black and Tamworth are added in to the bloodlines to produce animals that mature a little faster than the slow growing Mangalitsa, as well as superior meat and lard qualities.

Pastured Poultry


We raise chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. Due to their keen understanding of the electric fence that entraps other larger livestock, our flock get to flap around the whole farm in winter through early spring. Red headed members of our family are allergic to chicken eggs, but not duck or goose eggs. I can't explain the science behind this, but we found out that we really love ducks and geese! (way more than chickens - shhhh!)

Silver Fox Rabbits The boys enjoy raising their rabbits for 4H, they show care and responsibility by purchasing and raising the rabbits themselves. Silver Fox rabbits are not very common and can be used for show, meat, and fur. They are known for their luxurious black fur that is sprinkled with silver guard hairs.