Pre-Order Your Half or Whole Pig and Don't Miss Out!

Buying your pork by the whole or half share has definite advantages! There's no better way to get the most bang for buck and customization in how your products are processed and packaged. This is a popular option for families but we've even had several young adults split portions with friends and family.

Since you're buying the actual animal that we deliver for you to a custom processor there's a bit more initial leg-work for you the customer but you'll find that your hard work pays off quickly! Once you bring your finished product home you'll be stocked up on some of the best tasting, highest quality pork available anywhere. You can explore options for special cuts and processing that we don't offer as regular products. Or, for those who like to be adventurous in the kitchen, you can even receive product that's less processed, in primals or sub-primals, and try your own curing, specialty cuts of pork, or other processing.

2021 has been an interesting time and full of challenges. While it is certainly possible to find great help (like we just did in hiring our first employee!) labor shortages seem to be a commonly repeated theme! Our regular USDA inspected processor is not taking appointments at this time so we may be out of some products by January when we're first able to get pigs in at another location. Because many of the facilities that do the processing for whole and half shares do not require the same licensing as ones who process retail cuts, and generally have more availability, choosing a whole or half share is an even better option now. It means that the pigs can be harvested at the optimal time providing better value for you, and for us here at the farm.

Please consider choosing a whole or half portion for your needs this fall and going into winter. Look for more information describing how exactly it works if you're not familiar or don't hesitate to get in contact with Scott today!