Blue Dirt Farm

Harnessing Nature's wisdom and power, restoring diversity, abundance, and natural synergies!

Since 2014 we've specialized in pasture & woodland-raised pork. The Mangalitza breed we raise (purebreds and heritage breed crosses) originated in Hungary and is prized for the light buttery quality of it's ample fat and frequent marbling. Turkeys are available seasonally and look for more product offerings as we grow!

We started this because we care about how our food is raised, what goes into it, and what does not! See our standards and our promise to you here.

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Hi, I’m Scott.

Blue Dirt Farm was born out of a passion for healthy soil, clean water, and great local food. We strive for the very best taste and quality in the way our animals are selected and raised. Just as important is seeing and understanding from the point of view of the pig, cow, or turkey. Nature has shaped forms and behaviors perfectly for the environment the animal has evolved in and it is our job to replicate those conditions to the best of our abilities.

By being a student of nature and the livestock we ensure their needs are met, that they have the kinds interactions they would in nature, and that they receive the proper levels of the biological stressors they need to thrive. By neither depriving them nor coddling them they experience the right amount of sunshine, shade, exercise and rest. 

The shoulder cuts of our pigs are a great example! Since they’re not raised on concrete, and are frequently moved to fresh habitat, these muscles are worked constantly as the pigs dig and root around. As a result, the blade steaks, pork roasts, and cottage bacon from the shoulder develop a deep red color, rich flavor, and wonderful balance of meat and light creamy fat. It simply wouldn’t be the same if they were kept on a concrete lot!

Managing the animals in a way that mimics nature benefits soil and water as well. When I returned to the family farm in 2006 I knew biodiversity was important but it wasn’t until 10 years later until I began to understand what healthy soil really is. I learned how critical soil’s capacity to infiltrate and hold water is to any effort to clean up rivers and lakes. Things like buffers strips and reducing fertilizer will do little to prevent sedimentation, dead zones, and algae blooms. What will, is rebuilding the soil food web so stable aggregates can be formed and maintained!

What gets me excited about being a farmer is the opportunity to manage my land following the principles of soil health and see the positive changes that cascade through the systems as result. I even get to influence other farmers and landowners too! 

All of this could legitimately result in a sort of renaissance in rural America. There’s no reason we can’t have clean water, a more diverse and beautiful landscape, and of course, really excellent food! Please join me in pushing back against processed, nutrient deficient, convenience foods that provide calories but little else of value. Get to know your farmers and be a part of the change!