High standards, products you can trust:

  • Pigs are rotated frequently from March or April until October or November. Every 3-10 days the pigs are moved so they can find a diverse variety of natural forages along with the things we grow for them.
  • Feed is always non-GMO. Purchased feed grains and mixes are certified organic. The health of the soil and nutrient-dense crops are our top priority!
  • Since the beginning of 2021 all pigs are finished on a soy-free feed mix!
  • No animals treated with antibiotics, dewormers, or medications are sold to the general public. We will treat a sick animal if needed but this rarely happens and that animal will be marketed in a transparent way.
  • Turkeys? Same standards! Early on they're kept inside but they're kicked out during the days as soon as they're up to the task! And, by using portable fencing the turkeys too are moved frequently.

  • Always Non-GMO

    The feeds and forages grown and used are free from GMO seeds and material. We strongly believe technology like this should only be used when there's a clear benefit for the animals and for the health of the soil and landscape. Engineered traits that allow for the spraying of crops with toxic pesticides or harm insect life have no place here.

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  • Pasture & Woodland-Raised

    Our animals live outside with fresh air and sunlight and are frequently moved during the growing season giving them access to diverse forages. Through careful management and by allowing plants long periods of regrowth and recovery we enhance ecological health of the land and it's great for animals too!
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