Mother's Day Surprise

WARNING: Contains graphic images. Please place your order for delicious Blue Dirt Farm products BEFORE reading/ viewing! Raising animals on pasture and woodland, following the patterns nature’s designed for us, or at least to the best of our ability, often leads one to new experiences. Surprising ones more often than not it seems. Wandering through the woods by only the light of a headlamp, trying to follow sounds, losing all sense of direction late into the night after Mother’s Day I was in the midst of one of these experiences. Here is the HARROWING story of Blue Dirt Farm's second calf!

First Look at Nofence Virtual Fencing

After literally YEARS of excitement and working to make this happen the highly-anticipated day arrived in October of 2022. Nofence virtual fencing collars from Norway are here and it's even better than expected! The virtual fencing I’m going to share information about functions as an invisible fence to manage livestock and keep groups of animals contained, where we want them to be. You may be familiar with something else for dogs using a special collar and a buried wire. This is similar but SO MUCH MORE!  Read more to learn why this matters and I'll share our experiences so far.

Feral Pigs!?

Reports of feral pigs here in Faribault County have set off a flurry of news articles and even prompted a prominent radio news station to reach out to Blue Dirt Farm for an interview. While these are not pigs that escaped from our farm the story does strike close to home, quite literally! The Mangalitsa swallow belly pigs were on the loose less than a quarter mile from the site where some of ours were being kept.

Perennial Cover Crops and Wide-Row Corn

Blue Dirt Farm in collaboration with Minnesota State University Department of Biological Sciences and Dr. Mriganka De were awarded a research grant to study the effects of perennial cover crops and turkey integration on the health of the soil. Over the course of 3 years we will document the changes that take place when we change from a system of mono-crop corn to one of corn with perennial cover crops and the integration of turkeys.